Fast&Free Video

Our main mission in life, is spreading happy memories, through online distribution, DVDs, and other video file formats.  For any special occasion, we can help you capture those breathless moments to share with your family and friends for many years to come.  Our difference...We deliver a high quality product FAST and FREE!!!

Most people only take still pictures at special occasions including weddings, baptisms, birthdays, and parties simply because videographers are expensive. In fact, they can charge as much as $5,000 per event. Once your pay for these video services, you typically won't see your final product until 6-8 weeks later. With today's advanced video reproduction technologies, we create a great visual impact for any occastion...and deliver your product in days not weeks. 

What do you mean by FAST?

Typically, most videographers deliver final products 6-8 weeks after capturing the video on film.  At Fast&Free Video we deliver fully edited and customized video solutions in a matter of days.  In most cases, it is literally next day 24 hours. 

Imagine being able see and share your custom videos the day after the special occasion.  You can have different videos transformed to DVD media, mpeg file format, internet broadcasting, and video streaming in your hands to enjoy immediately!!!

What do you mean by FREE?

All videography companies charge either a flat rate or hourly fee to have a videographer record an event.  The rates can be as high as $5,000 per day or $250 per hour, depending on the amount of recording time and selected video options.   Furthermore, you have to pay a % upfront as a deposit.  This can be very expensive for a video product with unknown quality.  Whether you like the final video product or not, you have to pay!!!

At Fast&Free Video, there are no committments or obligations to purchase any of our video products.  In fact, we record your special occasion for free with no cost to you.  That's right, we don't charge you to have our videographers record your event.  We are confident that you will love our final product and purchase the right package that you desire...after you have seen the moments we've captured and the quality of the video product.  We'll send you video clips of your special occasion and you can choose what you want to purchase. 

We are successful at what we do because we can deliver high quality products fast and free.

Take a look at our demos for instance. They’re precious memories tranformed into digital art. Our customers were able to see their final product immediately after their special occasion.